10 Questions – Laura Bardini

10 Jun 20 | 10 Questions

Meet Laura, owner of Capella

Question 1 - What made you want to be a hairdresser?
I honestly fell into hairdressing, I was 14 and went to have a haircut, the guy cutting my hair was Chris Oliver. He asked if I knew anyone wanting a Saturday job, I said I would do it and it went from there.
Question 2 - How long have you been in hairdressing and where did you study?
I have been a hairdresser for my whole working life. I left Chris Oliver and went to do an apprenticeship at Toni and Guy at 16, I stayed there until I opened Capella in 2005 at the age of 24. We turn 15 this year!
Question 3 - What made you decide to start your own salon?
I decided pretty early on that I would like to work for myself and build my own team. I had gone as far as I could go at Toni and Guy, when I left I was head of technical and part of the management team. My own salon just seemed like the next natural step.
Question 4 - Your salon as separate colour technicians and stylists, why did you decide to go down this road?
Capella has separate stylists and technicians because that is how it worked in Toni and Guy. So it naturally stayed with me when I opened the salon. I'm not opposed to people doing both though, it was just a choice I made for this salon.
Question 5 - Why did you choose to specialise in colouring?
I chose to specialise in colour because from the beginning I picked it up very easily and found I was good at it. I really enjoy being able to completely change someone's look and how they feel by changing their hair colour.
Question 6 - What’s your favourite thing about your job?
My favourite thing about this job is making people happy! When someone comes in really unhappy with their hair because they may have been doing themselves, or not had a great service somewhere else and then they leave loving their hair because of what I've done, it's the best feeling in the world!
Question 7 - Do you have a favourite product you use on your own hair?
My favourite product is Olaplex, it's totally changed how we can work with hair, how far we can push it without compromising the condition of the hair. It's great to use with your colour service, or as a stand alone treatment to get your hair healthy again, I have it every single time I have my hair coloured and do the treatments at home, we also use the L’oreal version which is called Smart Bond.
Question 8 - Who colours and cuts your hair?
I mainly have Natalie colour my hair, but all of the girls have coloured it. All of the staff have cut it, they are all fab so I'm never worried about who does it.
Question 9 - If someone is thinking about going into hairdressing what would be your top tip on where to start?
If someone wants to go into hairdressing I would definitely say to go into a salon rather than college. The training is so much more in-depth, and you can't beat the one on one training, as well as soaking up the salon atmosphere!
Question 10 - When you are not working, what do you like to do?
When I'm not working I'm at home with my partner and my dog. I like to catch up with friends, sometimes for a dog walk, but a lot of time for food and a glass of wine!